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On-site Recovery and Disposal of the Following:

  • Lithium Bromide
  • Glycol (Ethylene and Propylene)
  • Halon
  • CFC’s , HCFC’s , HFC’S and PFC’s

On-site refrigerant reclamation
On-site system  dehydration  (Chillers only)
On-site  system flushing to remove contaminants  (Chillers only)
On-site building inspection of units that may contain refrigerants


We buy recovered, new and surplus refrigerants. Call for the most-up-to date price.

We stock refrigerants like R-12, R-11,R-113, R-22, R-134a, R-407C, R-410a and many other in various size containers

We sell Ethylene and Propylene glycol in 55-GALLON drums
We can provide refrigerant reclamation and repackaging
We offer separation of mixed refrigerants
We have cylinders for sales and hydro testing is also available
We provide cylinders for recovery of refrigerents, that you send to us

  Our reputation is built on providing dependable service and solutions to the mechanical trades.  

Please keep us in mind for any of your upcoming projects involving refrigerants, lithium bromide or glycol.  If you have any questions that you would like to discuss please feel free to call or Write to Us

  For on-site service, please click the following link: Refrigerant Removal and Quotation Request  Fill out the request form with as much information as available then submit it to RRSI. We will get back to you very soon with an estimate for your request.  
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